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Aspects of our service


Our initial call-out charge is £48, which includes the first 20 minutes' labour. After that, we charge £24 for each additional 20 minute period. If any parts are needed, these are charged extra. Our engineer can usually pinpoint the fault within the first 20 minutes, but if more work is required, the most we will charge for diagnosis only is £72. Any costs above £72 will be estimated before continuing, and not incurred without your agreement.

We require payment on completion. We accept cash, cheques and most credit and debit cards.

We may offer alternative payment terms to corporate customers if agreed in advance.

COVID-19 update

After a period of closure, we reopen for enquiries at midday on 12 April. If our engineer needs to visit, he will explain measures needed to minimise risk, including handwashing, ventilation and social distancing.

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